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Traditional Funeral

For a more elaborate and tailored service the traditional service option is a perfect choice.

This option includes a limousine for the family to travel in from any desired location. It is perfect for those who wish to visit their loved one multiple times in our private chapel of rest. We provide this service on an appointment basis, including out of hour and weekend visits. Your loved one will also be provided with a real wood veneered coffin.

When looking at the cost of a funeral it is usually broken down into two sections. The first section is the funeral directors fee's. The second section is the third party fee's often called disbursements.

Our Fee's

Our Professional Services                                                                         Included

Arrangements to take place at Our Funeral Home                                Included

Arrangements to take place in the comfort of your own home            Included

Collection of your loved one                                                                    Included

Dressing & Preparation of loved one                                                      Included

Choice out of 3 Real Wood Veneered Coffins                                         Included

Use of Our Private Chapel of Rest (To Suit You)                                     Included

A Hearse to carry your loved one                                                           Included

A Limousine to carry the family                                                              Included

Funeral Director & Bearers                                                                     Included

Sub-Total : £2,150

Estimated Third Party Fee's (Disbursements)

Crematorium (Average Price)                                                     Included

Doctors                                                               Included

Minister to take the service                               Included

Sub-Total : £1,300

Our Fee's (£2,150) + Estimated Third Party Fee's (£1,300) = Estimated Total (£3,450)

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